Words, symbols, and rituals play a big role in the expression of the American creed. Many people have varying views or ideas on what it means to be an American. Some can say that being an American is getting equality and equal opportunity, regardless of race or gender. But being an American can be represented in many ways. A few words that reflect the American Creed are independence, citizenship, and democracy.

A symbol that expresses the American creed is the American flag. The stripes represent the thirteen colonies and the stars represent the fifty states. Is one of the most…

A book that changed the world


One of a former slave’s most popular autobiographies, “Narrative of Frederick Douglass ‘s Childhood,” records the battle of Douglass for his freedom and brutal violence by slave-owners. This story is considered the most famous of pieces written during the abolitionist revolution in the United States by former slaves and one of the most popular texts. Douglass recounts his childhood as a slave on his way to liberty in the book.

Jireh Lagos

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